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The application for business is not a novelty trend even at the end of 2018. Many companies already created mobile applications for clients, workers, businesses and so on. But today when you can’t amaze your dear audience with an app existence, what should be done next? Which next steps should be made by a company to stay on the top of the wave?

Mobile development is one of the most demanded things in the software market. People are strongly becoming more mobile users than PC and this fact causes a growing interest in more mobile products creation. We walk, run, eat and go swimming with a smartwatch, mobile phone or tablet in our hands while only work by a computer. So, the next year will be even more thrilled with mobile gadgets and special apps created exactly for them.

mobile phone app desktop tablet
Data by percent about mobile daily impressions by hour

3 thing must be certainly gathered to create an app which will deserve a user’s attention. Fortunately, INCOAlliance thought about what is important when becoming popular by mobile users and created a TOP#3 of crucial features for every app. You can learn these key things for a 2019 mobile app below.

Excellent UI design

This may be the most noticeable characteristics for a user. A user interface design is an essential thing that involves in the app user experience from the very start. Therefore, app downloaders will judge design on its usability and likeability.

So, instead of concentrating on icons and images, a designer should aim at making the interface effectively invisible and offer users paths through which they will interact freely with the reality of their tasks. An average user and human mind at all want to receive low cognitive loads. Nobody wants to think which button is better to tap to receive an appropriate reaction from the app.

  • Try to make interfaces very simple and create an “invisible” feel. All elements must serve a direct purpose.
  • Think about a user’s eye and things that receives its attention. Focus on readability and simple visuals.
  • Minimize the number of actions needed to perform the task. Pay attention to one main function per page and guide users by indicating preferred actions.

The truth is the best interface is no interface. Offer your users the most direct and comfortable control (and best experience) and you’ll receive good feedback. Because the first look at application after the download sometimes creates the overall impression.

2 Thoughtful utility idea

idea incoalliance application mobile
A clear idea about mobile application 2019

Another important part is an idea. When coming to the thought about an application, many business leaders don’t mention that not every business need an app. Or not every business can invent an idea for an application that will be useful to its audience.

With which purpose and how an application will be used? Is this utility really important for the client? In which situation the client will use an app? Such questions should receive answers. Anyway, before starting the development, think about how useful your app can be for business and user.

3 Clear Structure

mobile application structure clear idea code

To make a user happy, the mobile application must be simple and easy-to-use. But, in this case, the structure is connected not only with user experience but also with a code. An app structure separated on the back- and front parts. The 2019 app must be developed with a clear architecture. In future, this will easy life of developers and users. For example, INCO usually has backend and frontend separated and independent, so we have highly maintainable and scalable applications. This allows us to be flexible in future development, adding features, changing logic, etc.

An ideal app gathers many individual features that make this app special and, in many cases, popular. Remember about these 3 important points while creating the app and you can be sure that in the year 2019 it will be up-to-date and loved by users. Or just write us and Inco team will help to create the perfect one!


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