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Those who worked with technical and introvertive developers definitely know, how they hate to talk about programming with business people. I mean, to touch the topics of HOW this feature will be developed from the coding perspectives. If non-programmers are asking them ‘to add the field to the database’ or ‘put one if’ – they usually stop this conversation.

New business-bees are usually abused with such attitude, especially when they like to give engineers as detailed task as possible. But let’s hear ‘hello from the other side’: why people are used to give details of ‘HOW’ to do this, instead of ‘WHY’?

Everyone should play his/her own role in the team. Engineers who receive ‘HOW- tasks’, cannot guarantee their results as they have limitations from the very beginning. Let’s imagine that the task received from sales/business ‘to add the field to the database’ did not work well and should be developed differently. For example, to apply the structure changes for the new feature which reduce the code lines and simplify the analytic routine. Will engineer stop his work to get approve from the business? The reply is ‘NO’ – as the expectation of business is to get this feature working and done. And engineers know database better than business people.

This is important to set up clear and proactive goals. And this will help to get rid of micromanagement and have the clear results. Thoughts?

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